Looking for the perfect chair?

Ever been tired of shopping and not find the perfect chair that suits your needs and your house?

A chair may not only be the speaking piece of furniture in your house, it may be that to support your back for your daily writing, dining or entertaining. 

Just yesterday, I found myself scurrying through the extravagant choices of furniture offered at Comfort Design – The Chair and Table People. Being established in Singapore for over 30 years, Comfort Design showroom, as huge as 15000sqft, showcases more than a thousand chair designs. Magnificent isn’t it?

Going around the showroom was an amazing experience, having to see all the hundreds of chairs sitting along aisle while I stroll by, it does feel like all the fine, exquisite chairs were welcoming my presence.

I was ecstatic and in awed by the diverse choices I have. As much as I wish I could spend hours and hours looking at each and every piece of beautiful work there, I had to rush off as soon as I have gotten there. It was a shame that I did not manage to finish looking around, but I would definitely make another trip back there should I need to.

So I would like to recommend this to anyone out there who is looking for something beautiful, comfortable, something that suits your house, and most of all, affordable.

If your want to be spoilt for choice, head down to:
110 Enous Ave 7
Comfort Design Building
(Showroom at Level 2)

OR, for a quick and sufficient browsing, and perhaps one that is just right beside your workplace, The Plaza is a good place too!

The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road
 #01-322/323 Singapore 199591

Recommended Experienced Sales Person :
Doris Goh
(65) 9092 7333

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