An Eye for Beauty

Everyone loves beautiful things. Maybe we don’t realise, maybe we don’t care. But they are actually, always there.

No word in the world seem to be able to vivdly describe how beautiful, astonishing it is; the beauty of Nature. This picture below was taken during a short trip to Taiwan recently. These beautiful rocks rocked me to my core as I stared in awe at the masterpieces of nature.

The natural blend, the natural tones, the lines that seem to flow to a certain pattern, the rough textures on the outside, yet the soft fuzzy feeling that warms your soul when you touch, tells us a lot about the rock itself. It was really an indescribable feeling, just staring at these mysterious yet beautiful rocks you know nothing about.

Drowning in the magnificent and breathtaking sight of nature, I was greatly inspired by God’s creation. It dawned unto me what a brillant idea it would be bringing to our homes, the same splendid visual experience. It will be a brand new concept and intriguing idea to piece together pieces of natural materials in all kinds of variation making up a huge mural, creating a sensational reaction for your guests.

Nature really is amazing isn’t it? How the natural world revolves and brings life on its own, makes us ponder so much about the wholeness and beauty of it all. And lastly, I would like to end this entry off with this quote,

“Happines flutters in the air whilst we rests among the breaths of nature.” -Kelly Scheaffer. 

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