Doing it the Strathmore way

Here’s one of the projects we are currently working on, a 4 room apartment flat located at Strathmore Ave. The home owner is amazing; outgoing, friendly and really hilarious. A minimalist he is, going for a raw clean design using mostly darker colors/tones. His concept was to have his home design a very dusky, grey and cozy manner, and this was what we proposed to him.

From the walls to the floor tilings conjure a very dynamic feel of the overcast tones owner desired, yet still giving the living a very clean, sleek, modern look.

We have proposed a white television cabinet in contrast to the darker tones as the color lightens the dull and heavy look of the whole house. It can also act as the featured element or the “centre of attraction” of the whole house.

In the master bathroom, we played around with mosaics to break away from the monotonous greys on the wall as well as giving some decorative details on the wall.

Alas, we have come to the kitchen. Here we see a very raw design of a kitchen, mainly because the home owners rarely cook, you don’t see a lot of cabinets or ovens installed.

With more updates to come, we can’t wait to see the final stage of Strathmore apartment! And also more importantly, we strive to keep up with an amicable relationship with our clients, giving the best we can.

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