eM by the river

Greeted by the clean, exotic feeling, jumbled with colors of nature, my friends and I were immediately drawn in by the breath taking ambience of eM by the River. Formerly a bar now converted into a cafe, this place has defintely underwent a lot of changes. A black frame up with clear glass inserts panel doors was built to create a feeling of a high class cafe space, yet chill and comfortable to be in. Not to the extent that you may feel rigid to dine in a space like that, I thought those panel glasses does bring up the look of the cafe yet giving customers a very chill and relaxing space to slurp their coffee away.

The best part of a cafe is that it has indoor and outdoor sitting, so customers can have a choice of sheltered area or an alfresco dining area. If you feel like enjoying the nature and getting a bit of healthy sunlight, alfresco dining will give you an amazing experience! You will be surrounded by tall trees and just by listening to the rustling of the leaves, it gives the atmosphere a sense of openness, somehow a sense of freedom while dining in the nature.

The outdoor area is decorated with white bricks, making the space more casual yet sophisticated to be in.

Reinforcing the “natural” look, apart from having big tall tress amongst the sitting area, the bar where drinks are served is built with raw materials, the bricks gives the unfinished look with outdoor timber wood as the table top.

To give the very outdoor nature feeling. It doesn’t need to be polished gloss, it’s best to have it raw and unfinished. Patches or inconsistent color tones on the table is fine as long as everything flows together with each other.

With that, just adding a few pieces of natural materials built into a furniture sitting, it definitely creates and makes the space even more sexy!

That’s me enjoying my brunch at this very spectacular setting. So if you like a chilling weekend of just enjoying nice outdoor brunch, why not head down to The Gallery Hotel? Go ahead, indulge yourselves with a nice open environment, sometimes you are not only there for the food, the interior decoration and ambience do add on to your whole dining experience!

eM By the River
1 Nanson Road #01-05
of Gallery Hotel
Singapore 238909

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