“tip” your cuppa love

It’s always nice to have friends who love looking for new places to hang out or simply just for a cup of coffee.  Especially places that are not too crowded or overrated, but somewhere that needs you to check them out for a refreshing nice and out-of-the-country experience.

Well, I have always loved doing that. It’s is the something new, someplace unknown that makes me excited and happy, even though it’s just about a cup of coffee!

Lately on an occasion where I met up with some pals,  we found this really incredible place. Situated along Bukit Timah Road, lies a small little cafe that doesn’t require you to pay for your drink, but rather “tip” them. So it’s “tipping” your cup of coffee than “tipping” the person. Well, how much would you “tip” for a cup of love?

A little catching up with your buddy, a little sketching with your pen, anyhow, the mixture of sitting furniture does makes the space just comfortable to chill, relax, think and write.

Looking above, I saw these beams of structure that reminds me of those we commonly see at some residential houses, and how so many people hate having those beams in their apartment. What way to conceal and hide them? It seems like the more you like to hide them, the more apparent they become to your eyes. But haven’t they thought of duplicating those beams? Just like this photo below that illustrates these lines, I was thinking why not have these structure lines built side by side with those ‘ugly’ beams you see at home?
Rather than concealing them, duplicate them to make them feel architecture. This, would be super interesting!

If you would like to create a “good old time” feeling at your home, bring in some pieces of the past.

You know, I’m always attracted to these items, items that were used by the people who lived in the past. Bringing back old pieces into the new modern world create a very cool space to dwell in. I guess, it would probably bring a different experience for every individual to have these furnitures synchronising with the new now.

If I would have a space, this is what I exactly would do. So for those people who are still having these old stuffs, keep them, they are sometimes the very speaking interior piece for your home.

I wouldn’t mind having these switches, either for decorative purposes, or acting as a real switch for my place. I would probably mix these old and have a couple of new ones incorporated them altogether, sharing a story of time and era; things have changed but some things do remain the same.

So, if you would like to “tip” your cuppa love, head down to

Papa Palheta
140 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 229840

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 9am to 6pm
Weekends: 9am to 7.30pm
Mondays: Closed for roasting

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  1. Nice post, a good thought came out here. In todays life using wood this post show nature appriciation.,

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