Caspian – Urban Loft

Here’s another post of one of our projects – Urban loft at the Caspian, a 3 bedroom condominium situated at Lakeside Drive.

Our client is this pair of nice and cute couple, with a super adorable baby boy who just turned one! The couple already had some ideas of what they are looking for and based on their requirements, this was what we proposed.

Ms Sarah Caspian - Space PlanningFINAL

To break away from the uninteresting and dull normal dining area, a large spectacle mirror is hung to give a very young and refreshing feel, highlighted by the hanging lights to brighten up the area.

Caspian Dining Area

The living is finish with a huge piece of white stucco brick wall just right enough to blend the ‘urban feel’ to the ‘lofty’ concept. Track lights were used to enhance lightings rather than the usual down lights.

Caspian Living Area

Alas, the master bedroom. A magnificent piece of New York city skyline was included in their bedroom as their bedhead featured focus. To maximise storage space and area, we proposed a storage/dresser area on top of the bay window.

Caspian Master Bedroom

Below are some of our work-in-progress photos.
White stucco brick wall is up!

Caspian 02

Hanging light bulbs at dining area.

Caspian 04

Living overlooking dining area.

Caspian 05

Look how the master bedroom turned out exactly like that of the 3Ds.

Caspian 07

Once again we can see how the cove lightings actually beautifies the entire bedroom.

Caspian 08

Finally, a clean wash to the house with all the accessories almost up, our client is ready to move in! We are equally as excited for our client because it’s finally the start of their new life. We wish our client all the best in their next phase of life sharing a humble loft together, and of course not forgetting their 1year old toddler, it was nice having this chance working with your family. Also, Story of Us is very grateful for your goodwill publicity for us. Thank you!



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