Skyve Elementary


Looking for a great place to spend a lazy Sunday brunch with your friends and family?

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar  is one of my personal favourite cafes! Serving modern bistro food accompanied with a lovely ambience – classy yet casual. This elegant concept of interior design was what I found rather interesting:



What I love most about the bistro is that its concept is divided in a way that it gives you different space options to choose from – all within the restaurant. It has its own alfresco outdoor dining area, a high bar counter, a usual main indoor dining area and even a cosy lounge corner for the romantics! This setting makes it suitable to hold all kinds of occasions with your loved ones, creating a whole different experience altogether.

Decorative see-through panels are used as a divider to separate the two main areas within the café. Lots of sunlight can be shone throughout the restaurant, leaving it bright and spacious during the day – Perfect for a sunny afternoon!


On the dining side, reflective ceramic tiles and iron metal grills are used to create a two-dimensional look. This modern elegance opens up the space, having it look less cluttered.



The used of wired glass as dining table is interesting.


Outdoor alfresco dining area – Timber wood decking is used as a platform to create a warm and welcoming outdoor seating area. The café has different seating arrangements accompanied with decorative plants surrounding the alfresco. Good place to relax and have a drink or two!


Enjoy brunch with Skyve, they offer a wide menu of choices such as Eggs Benedict, Hotcakes, Sandwiches, Pizzas etc.

Absolutely worth a visit!

The food

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
No.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17
Reservations : +65 6225 6690


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