Blue Serenity

We are all influenced by colours, so I was very excited when the client decided to adopt a blue accent to enliven the décor. Blue gives off a happy shimmer that is cool yet calming. With some effort from our interior designer, the apartment at The Gale Condominum becomes an epitome of soothing blue. It also looks sprawling huge, with only 2 bedrooms.

The living room exudes harmony with a match of blue with earthy brown. Here, the cabinets are elevated, to project a modern minimalist feel.  Echoing this concept is a low height TV. Walls are painted a cobalt blue tying in with an elegant yet comfortable swishy leather sofa. At the dining area, a gallery wall of pictures is proposed to create a wholesome look.

Story Of Us The Gale Living Area

The guest room is a space for rest and entertainment. A daybed is positioned by the bay window; the daybed is useful such that it can be used for lounging around by day and for rest by night. Ample storage space is created below the daybed.

Story Of Us The Gale Bedroom 2

The minimalist concept of the living room is extended to the Master Bedroom as well; using a colour combination of nude tones together with a darker shade of grey. The bed head design has multi coloured layers with an in and out effect that punctuates with a grey background that highlights its unique features.

The bedroom lulls you to a peaceful sleep with a subdued brown theme and dimmed overhead lights. Contrasting this is a picture of hot pouty lips that injects a sense of balance to the overall serious hue. I believe it is always important to bring out the character and personality of my clients through my designs.

Story Of Us The Gale Master Bedroom

Having the colour Blue – Rustic or Vintage, is an inspiration that I strongly believe represents one of the up and coming design trends – fresh, superstylish and distinctively unique on its own.

Looking forward to more fascinating interior design projects this year, so stay tuned!


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  1. Each one likes different color for home designs.

  2. Gorgeous interior and decors………and love to see these peaceful interiors.

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