Punggol Parcvista (Part 1)

Story of Us would like to share with you on the insides of our current project at Punggol Parcvista!

It was a nostalgic experience having met up with the homeowners who are vintage lovers. They brought along with them, a little scrapbook, which consisted of concept pictures of what they had in mind for their apartment.

As an Interior design consultant, we do exactly the same. We source for the right concept and inspiration using pictures & have them collaged into a bigger, more complete and concrete idea. Together, we piece up a beautiful picture to be done up for the apartment.

Punggol Parcvista Original Floorplan

Punggol Parcvista Original Floor plan

Above shows the floorplan for the 4 room apartment where we start off by working on the space planning based on the homeowner’s given requirements. Through maximizing the given space, we decided upon having two major hacking works to enlarge and create an island dining kitchen area as well as an open concept work/study area behind the living lounge.
With this, we are proud to present our proposed space planning as shown below!

Punggol Parcvista - Proposed Space Planning

Punggol Parcvista – Proposed Space Planning

A mock up 3D model is shown below to help visualize the proposed space planning for the apartment. We hacked off one bedroom wall behind the living to create the work/study area, accompanied with a full height cabinet for storage and display of their vintage toys etc.

Within the living space, a turqoise sofa with a cowhide rug was what we felt could highlight the whole concept of a industrial vintage home. Keeping close to this concept in mind, we also kept the flooring as a cement finish to bring out the raw touch.

Parc Vista Sketch - Living Area

The dining table has been replaced with an inbuilt island cabinet that will be the main focus point of the place. It acts as a dry area for preparation of food, a dining table serving 6-8 guest at one time, and yet it can also be a small bar area for mixing drinks!

Parc Vista Sketch - Dry Kitchen Area

Paying closer attention to the full height storage cabinet behind the living area – the cabinet doors are designed by keeping the vintage details in mind as well as a mix of materials to match along. This includes using wooden framed up clear glass as well as old school louvred door panels to have it look more interesting!

Parc Vista Sketch - Overview

In addition, we used unfinished hollow bricks as a half height partition for the study area behind the living sofa to create a raw finish. Adjacent to the study area, we have proposed a full height black board wall to conceal the existing bombshelter door area too!

Parc Vista Sketch - Study Area

We look forward to sharing with you Part 2 of our project’s article to show you the real finished works of the apartment (: Stay Tuned!

See you soon!


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