The Topiary

It has been awhile! Keeping the excitement that a new year brings in mind, here’s a post on one of our latest projects ahead! (:

The Topiary, a four bedroom Executive Condominium located in Fernvale Lane spans 1292sqf. Our client, a chef couple and their son, wanted to transform their apartment into one with a modern industrial character.

They had along with them a mood board and some ideas. With their love for cooking, one of their dreams was to have an open concept kitchen to do food sampling with family and friends, and a walk-in wardrobe which they have been dying to possess for the longest time. Together, we brainstormed their optimum space planning, with inspirations sprinkled, came up with the perfect, complete and ultimate concrete idea!


archipelago floor planAbove is the original floor plan for the 4 bedroom apartment where they first came in with. Given our clients’ requirements and to maximise the area, we decided upon having two major hacking works.

archipelago floor plan

Above shows our proposed area for wall demolitions. First is to open up the closed kitchen. Next, to construct a walk-in wardrobe, removal of wardrobes at master bedroom and bedroom 4 were first done, then sealing up the existing door at bedroom 4 and constructing a new door opening from the master bedroom.

archipelago floor plan

Presenting to you… our new proposed layout! As shown above, the kitchen is now extended; featuring a nice grand breakfast island table to entertain guests for food feasts! And, not forgetting, the huge walk-in wardrobe is now maximized!

1Entrance edit

The overlay of grey woodgrain vinyl from the living room into the open kitchen exudes a warm, homely vibe to the entire space. To soften the area, the earthy brown sofa does the trick. At the dining area, a gallery wall of pictures against the grey backdrop livens up the home and ties the entire space into one.

2Kitchen edit .jpg

To project a modern industrial feel in the kitchen – we used steel mesh at the sides of the cabinets and a see-through mild steel shelf that is hung above the island. The open concept kitchen gives our homeowners the freedom to over look the balcony while cooking, while the extended table creates more workspace for preparation of dishes.

Did also you notice the black chalkboard? Our clients can enjoy the flexibility of presenting their daily menu written on it! In fact, it is a feature wall used to conceal the existing electrical DB box hidden behind it. In addition, patterned wall tiles at the cooking area splashes the space with a much more interesting feel.

3Tv wall edit

Keeping close to the industrial theme, the living room wall is cement screeded in order to provide a rustic texture. Lined up on that wall – we have a customized display cabinet and TV console which is a fun mix of open and closed shelvings! The overall feel of the living room is played down in effects to exude a less austere appearance, and to allow attention to still be focused on the key area; kitchen.

6walk in wadrobe edit.jpg

Lets move on to yet another highlight of the house!

Slide open the see –thru black aluminum framed sliding door, you will step into the spacious walk-in wardrobe, which could even double up as a sleep-in area! Your clothes immediately breathe in the full depth and width of the space as the full floor area is fully maximized!

In this design, the wardrobe is fitted with internal lightings, and internal wood grained finish brings out the grand look. This flexible, open space allows all sorts of add-ons later. For instance, a chest of drawers can be incorporated for T-shirts, knits and other folded items.

5mbr .jpg

The master bedroom holds an accumulation of intricate yet impactful details like modern lamp shades, paintings, indoor plants, topped up with a 3-dimensional panel bedhead in a washed out dark grey pattern; turning this bedroom into a fascinating yet cosy space.

7study.guest edit.jpg

The study-cum-guest room has a featured wallpaper which carves out a spot for relaxation too! That nook by the window is perfect for reading or even taking a short nap!


The Son’s bedroom has a customized storage bed frame that helps to keep things uncluttered yet stylish. Open storages like these make a small bedroom appear larger and of course organized. Graphic artwork posters and featured designer lights were necessary accessories added to create a livelier atmosphere! Last but not least, we are proud to have selected a calm yet charming blue steel paint for the bedhead wall to provide that final touch of coziness.

At the end of this all, it is indeed our greatest pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the homeowners and yet experience a journey filled beyond joy. Nothing beats that indescribable feeling where our constant hard work and efforts are truly paid off when our client’s happiness is ultimately, our happiness. (:


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