about us

Story of Us was inspired and named by the abundant stories of her clients’ lives – from the day they were born, till the day they found each other,and the day they decided to share their lives together under one roof.

The team of designers are committed to writing new chapters of your story together, creating your whole new episode of life, making every of your dream home a wish come true.

By pooling their vast experience from different backgrounds in interior design, the designers aim to “bring the best out of each individual and every space, with the firm belief that every individual deserves the best”.

To achieve that, Story of Us melds experience with the one key ingredient to a well-designed space: the personal touch.

Taking a personal approach by understanding the clients and committing themselves to design a client’s living space, as if they are designing their own, is at the heart of this dynamic team’s design philosophy. Its range of services is wide, from experienced design consultants to working with reliable contractors to smoothen the renovation process, ensuring their clients that the entire process is well taken care of. Also, by advising clients with budget allocations, Story of us helps to maximize every dollar spent to be worth its value.

Story Of Us is a boutique interior design firm that places a strong emphasis on creating quality residential projects, bestowing each home with a personal touch.


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