Braddell Hill

“when you design, you fall straight into another world.”

It’s been sometime since our last post as we were very busy working on several proposals for the past few weeks. The above is a “sneak-pic” of one of the projects Story Of Us is working on currently.

Recently, we met this young couple who bought themselves a place at Braddell Hills; a HDB turn private. Technically speaking, this house is huge putting into consideration that the flats in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller. Thus, for a 3 bedroom unit, it’s layout and size will be very much desired in the future. As we can see from the floor plan below, the house comes with a very spacious living and dining room, and attached is a nice sized balcony.  The kitchen even has an ample space for a small breakfast counter or an island kitchen concept!

What I love most about the rooms are that they are of a size that looks big – I have been to many new show flats and the room just looked really small. Well, be it big or small, having interior designing for your house will solve the problem; planning to maximize every space and practical for all home owners so they feel good just to be home.

Below is our proposed layout design – we hacked the kitchen walls to provide a bigger space for a nice-sized breakfast table. As the clients are looking for a minimalist loft concept, we suggested that they should have cement flooring from the kitchen that links all the way to the passage way so as to widen the floor space and visually allow their kitchen to look bigger.

Over at the coloured layout, it shows the visual effect of the kitchen looking bigger.

Having the requirements of a study space in the master bedroom, we broke away from the rigid style of placing the study against the wall. We have decided to place the bed in an island concept. In a way the bed is not leaned against the wall, but rather placed in the middle of the room. This way, we can create another space within a space that will be allocated for the study area. With many books and files that the client have, we’ve build an overhung storage cabinet for them right behind the study table.

Rendered drawings of the living area – 2 colour versions.
We proposed wood laminate flooring either the brown tones or the ash grey wood flooring that gives you more character in your house design.

The main reason why we proposed the ash grey flooring is to break away having too much browns in the unit.

We introduced white brick for the dining feature, adding words from the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” using acrylic cut out in black to give more details to the white bricks feature. I have always liked these few words, thought they would give a special meaning to the dining area.

We specifically customised the balcony sliding doors to create a look that suits the lofty concept.
This look creates more details on how the sliding door should look like to blend in with the concept.

Dining overlooking to the breakfast table and kitchen area.

Kitchen flooring – cement screed with cabinets playing with wood and white colour scheme.

On the overall, it was quite a pleasure getting to work on a bigger-than-normal 3 bedroom unit. Also we will be posting the video for the 3D visual walkthrough of this place soon!

At last, Story of Us would also like to take this chance to thank all those who have replied to our ads on the Free 3D Visual Walkthrough, we had fun getting to meet clients and showing their house design in a 3 dimensional format. We are currently doing more, and if anyone of you guys out there would like to materialized your house, do drop us an email at to receive a free 3D walkthrough of your space, and our professional design consultant will get back to you for requirements.

See you guys soon!


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